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We build dynamic, responsive websites and digital assets. We drive traffic to those assets. And we help you turn that traffic into revenue.

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Why Does Conversion Matter?

What Is Digital Marketing?

It's the process of building, deploying and managing digital platforms for your business in a way that drives brand visibility, increases website activity and digital interaction and improves lead generation and conversion. It sounds complicated, but it's really not. Basically, it's using the interwebz to make your company more money.

Simple, Stunning Websites

We design, coe and develop a custom business website using cutting edge platforms & best practices. (Already like your current website? No problem. We can tweak it to meet our goals.)

Targeted Marketing = Better Traffic & Leads

We get you more web traffic, engage visitors and continually maintain the Internet experience using well-executing content campaigns, search optimization and digital advertising management.

Conversion Optimization

We continually tweak the many moving parts of your website to optimize for conversion.

Numbers & Figures on Your Desk. Peace of Mind.

We report campaign progress, month-over-month web analytics and contribution metrics in a way that helps you make better business decisions.

 Why Swamp Fox Digital?

Modern, Current, Relevant. Marketing for 2014 and Beyond.

Not all companies care about evolving with the web and taking advantage of the latest marketing best practices. But, if that's your thing, you're in good hands with us. Our approaches to content and design are tailored to your industry and target market, but always emphasize the latest best practices in content, design & marketing management. Some resources that help us gauge current consumer demand include MOZ, Copyblogger, Unbounce & Kissmetrics.

Local, Available & In Touch with Charleston, South Carolina.

Unlike most Internet marketing companies, our local availability makes it easy to keep in touch. We like to add a more personal touch to the Internet marketing process.

No Gimmicks. No Unethical Shortcuts.

We follow all the best practices as established by Google and other major search engines. We are explicitly opposed to grey-hat and black hat Internet marketing techniques that seek to fool consumers and search engines.

Pricing That Makes Sense for Your Company

We keep costs low by taking advantage of the industry's best open source technologies and management practices. This enables us to tackle complex web design projects, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns and report data without passing on substantial fixed costs. Depending on the scope of your web development, content and marketing needs, we can tailor a plan that makes financial sense and achieves your goals efficiently.

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