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We are a boutique digital marketing company offering consulting and campaign management services for companies who wish to generate more business online. More than just a design or branding agency, there are a lot of moving parts to what we do. The goal is to create beautiful, meaningful web presences and cohesive campaigns that produce ROI.

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SEO Audit Checklist


Having an SEO audit checklist is critical, specifically when you’re dealing with a large number or clients or sites that vary substantially in their scope and configuration. Without minding your Ps and Qs from an optimization perspective, it can be difficult to rank despite your best content development and outreach efforts. Likewise, even the most well-research keyword lists and targeting strategies can become ineffective if you haven’t set the stage for long-term, sustainable success.

We’ve developed a comprehensive checklist to help you get started with your SEO efforts. Before dumping money into content, keyword research and promotion, it’s critical to address these components. While we’ve listed everything you need to get started, we plan to continually add to this post and paginate it as necessary to provide additional value as the search landscape changes. Bookmark it and check back periodically to note ongoing improvements.

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